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Recently, the business environment of the telecommunications industry entered a dramatic transition period with diversification of products and services offered at carrier shops, the emergence of MVNOs and FVNOs, the full-scale adoption of IoT for wearable devices, and the introduction of new rules and guidelines in response to the revision of the Telecommunications Business Law. At the beginning of this new age in telecommunications, the T-GAIA Group aims at further growth by anticipating changes and taking advantage of the resulting business opportunities. In the mobile business, which is our core business, we will always take the perspective of our customers, propose optimal products and services, and support the realization of their smart life.

In the enterprise solution business, in addition to corporate customers with whom we have existing relationships, we will propose solution services for industries where we can expect further utilization of ICT. In the fiber broadband business, we plan to expand the FVNE business of providing support to companies newly entering the optical fiber business, in addition to expanding sales of TG Hikari (Optic) that we promote in our FVNO business.

In the Smart Life business, we are accelerating the opening of Smart Labo accessory shops under direct management with the aim of establishing the shop brand, and at the same time, we are expanding the sales floor for MVNO and other new products. Finally, in the settlement service business, we are reinforcing the sales of gift cards and expanding into new sales channels as we diversify our products.

In this way, we shall evolve the core business while boldly pursuing new business areas and uncovering unique opportunities and work to realize the rapid diversification of revenue sources.

We appreciate the support from all the stakeholders including customers, telecom carriers, and partner agents, and we will realize sustainable growth as a company that wins its way into the mid to long term by actively transforming the company to enhance corporate value and respond to the trust that our stakeholders have placed in us. We ask for your continued support and guidance.

Nobutaka Kanaji
President & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

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