CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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By promoting the following CSR activities with the recognition of “Business Activities equal to CSR,” we aim to realize the Sustainable Growth of the Company and Society, while giving due consideration to various stakeholders. For us, CSR, which should be implemented by the company, is not only compliance, internal control, risk management and information disclosure but also sound business activities, provision of proper services to our customers, improvement of employees' working environment, environmental conservation activities, and social action programs.

Major CSR activities, which have been conducted by T-Gaia

Support to Make-A-Wish of Japan

Support to Make-A-Wish of JapanWe support the activities of Make-A-Wish of Japan( MAWJ), a foundation established to make the dreams and wishes of children with intractable disease(s WISH CHILD) come true with the hope that it will bring them the strength to live and the courage to fight their diseases, and participated in the Yumenoshima Charity Marathon hosted by MAWJ. Our employees also participate in volunteer meetings and volunteer activities.

Supporting member of The Eye mate Inc.

Supporting member of The Eye mate Inc.

We have continuously contributed t o training programs for guide dogs as a supporting member of Eye mate Inc.

JPSA Official Supporter

Japanese Para-Sports Association

We have a supporter contract with "the Japanese Para-Sports Association" and we support the promotion of sports for the disabled and training of disabled athletes as one of "the Official Supporter of the Japanese Para-Sports Association(JPSA)". For these activities, we received a certificate of appreciation from the association in March 2015, in a sequel to last year. Moreover, one of our staff participated in the qualifying rounds for the Queensland Open Athletics Championships (100 meters and 200 meters sprint for women) and the IPC authorized Oita Para Athletics 2015 (100 meter and 200 meter sprints for women)

Promotion of TABLE FOR TWO Program

Promotion of TABLE FOR TWO Program

We support the activities of the NPO TABLE FOR TWO(TFT) International and have introduced an internal program CUP FOR TWO( CFT). Under the TFT program, when a meal or food item that is subject to the program is purchased, 20 yen, which is the approximate cost for one meal of school-provided lunch in developing countries, will be donated per meal through TFT as school-provided lunch money for children in developing countries. Since T-Gaia does not have a cafeteria, we have developed a CFT program, which is applied from the TFT program, utilizing coffee machines and vending machines for food and beverages.

Sponsor of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Sponsor of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

As part of our mecenat activities (corporate support to artistic and cultural activities), we support Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and co-sponsor their regular concerts.

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