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T-Gaia's three areas of business

As a Comprehensive Provider of ICT-Related Domains, T-Gaia is developing three areas of business to support the new era. It will propose new solutions for delivering ideas, while also strengthening cooperation with group companies in terms of C-to-B and B-to-B communication as well as C-to-C communication.


Major Group Companies (Japan)

Mobile Telecommunications Business

[Sales and distribution of mobile phones, etc. and sales agency business]

The environment of mobile communication continues to change over time. As the largest primary agent for telecommunication operators in Japan, T-Gaia will support the ideal “smart life” for the individual customer's needs through its diverse sales channels covering a nationwide area.

T-Gaia's market share in the sales of mobile phones, etc. in Japan
(according to investigation by MM Research Institute, Ltd.) (FY 2019)
No.1 Distributor

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Enterprise Solutions Business

[Sales of mobile phones, etc., provision of solution services, sales agency business of fixed communication services, and provision of broadband, for corporate customers]

How companies manage and operate smartphones and tablets as they adopt ICT, under the work style innovation such as telework and formulate BCP, become big challenges. T-Gaia will provide one-stop support for smart devices from procurement and planning to replacement, through Life Cycle Management (LCM). It will support the adoption of ICT by providing telecommunication solutions that meet customers' needs in line with the new era.

number of corporate clients
(FY 2019)

8,500 companies

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Payment Service Business and Other Business

[Payment services, overseas business, and other new lines of business]

The scale of business on prepaid services, including prepaid cards and prepaid codes (PINs), is ever expanding through sales mainly via convenience stores nationwide. While keeping up with the ever-evolving settlement service market and aiming to improve convenience for customers, T-Gaia will create new business opportunities, including expansion overseas.

number of stores handling PINs and gift cards
(As of April 2020)


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Major Group Companies (Japan)


File Transfer / Sharing Services between Corporate Clients / RPA Installation Support

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Career Design Academy (CDA) Co., Ltd.

Business of Human Resources Education and Training

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PC Technology, Inc.

Call Center/ Help Desk Service Business

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V-Growth Co., Ltd.

ICT Support Service for Education Business

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QUO CARD Co., Ltd.

Issuance of QUO card and QUO Card Pay

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TG Power Inc.,

a Renewable Energy Business

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Popular-Soft Co.,Ltd.

Development of Software and Systems

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Infinity Communication Co., Ltd.

Design and Consulting of Network System

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