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Business Summary : Mobile Telecommunications Business

Mobile Telecommunications Business

Creating new values through sales in the front line of mobile communication.

T-Gaia, as the largest primary distributor in Japan for telecommunications carriers, sells mobile phones, tablets and various smart device-related products / services, etc. through its diversified sales channels across Japan. Aiming to provide more enriched experiences through mobile communication to customers, T-Gaia will continue to make efforts to meet what it is expected.

T-Gaia's market share in the sales of mobile phones, etc. in Japan (according to investigation by MM Research Institute, Ltd.) <FY 2019>
No.1 Distributor

The number of T-Gaia Group's sales base
(including accessory shops)
(as of end of March 2020)
1,845 shops

The total number of mobile phones sold by T-Gaia in Japan (including sub-brands of telecommunications carriers, MVNO, and Wi-Fi terminals) (FY 2019)
3.70 million units

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Mobile business image diagram

T-Gaia caters to the changing needs of its customers with the help of good partnerships.

Having been building good business partnerships with major telecommunications carriers in Japan, T-Gaia actively promotes flexible and creative sales strategies based on the trust of its business partners. Under strong partnerships with its agents, T-Gaia is caterting to ever changing client's needs by promptly capturing market trends including the full-scale penetration of smartphones and tablets, etc.

T-Gaia caters to the changing needs of its customers with the help of good partnerships.

Developing and creating various contact points with customers, including shops that are appealing.

T-Gaia's corporate head office, regional headquarters and branch offices across Japan handle every step, from the proposal of plans to operations to fit its local marketing strategies and in accordance with telecommunications carriers' regional strategies. T-Gaia's sales channels including its directly managed carrier shops consist of more than 1800 shops and cover a nationwide area. The shop operation know-how which is cultivated in its bases for sales operations is shared among all branches. T-Gaia is focused to create a retail environment that allows it to propose new customer value by replacement, renovation and expansion of its shops. Development in human resources and various initiatives to improve shop proactivity will also play a role in promoting retail strategies. All of these will help each of its shops to be "the more attractive partner of choice for its customers” than ever.

Developing and creating various contact points with customers, including shops that are appealing.

T-Gaia supports customers' smart life by proposing a wide range of products and its services with added value.

In the shops run by T-Gaia, the staff will not only explain plans and contracts or functions of each handset, but also show how the products will change customers' lifestyles to enhance their smart life experience. In addition, T-Gaia will comprehensively support its customers to fulfill their smart life through accessories for smartphones and proposals of value-added services such as the original smartphone content "Minna no Kurashi Labo".

Shop staff introducing smartphone accessories
Minna no Kurashi Labo

"Smart Labo" Store specializing in smartphone accessories / peripheral equipment

In Smart Labo, the shops specializing in smartphone accessories / peripheral equipment, T-Gaia provides a wealth of fashionable products including iPhone and Android smartphone cases. T-Gaia is also working to expand the product range of the Smart Labo original brand to provide customers with a more fashionable smart life. Furthermore, by taking advantage of T-Gaia's strengths of having both mobile terminals and smartphone accessories on offer, it is possible to launch shops in joint collaboration with Smart Labo and Rakuten Mobile. Having these shops open in fashion tenant buildings, etc., the number of contact points for customers is growing.

smartlabo shop staff
inside the smartlabo store

original brand of Smart Labo



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