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Business Summary : Mobile Telecommunication Business

モバイル事業(Mobile Telecommunication Business)

In the world of mobile communication reaching a turning point,
T-Gaia accurately captures and goes ahead of changes to lead the way toward the future

As one of the largest primary distributors in Japan for telecommunications carriers, we sell mobile phones, including smartphones, tablet and various smart device-related products, and services through our diversified sales channels across Japan.
In addition, to provide our customers with the enjoyment of a more enriched life through mobile communication,
T-Gaia promotes various initiatives daily.

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T-Gaia caters to the changing needs of our customers with the help of good partnerships

We have been building good business partnerships with major telecommunications carriers in Japan. Based on the trust of our business partners, we actively promote flexible and creative sales strategies, catering to varying client needs by promptly capturing market trends, such as the full-scale penetration of smartphones and tablet computers. In addition, one of our strengths is our ability to implement effective sales strategies by offering an extensive lineup of related products, such as accessories, and contents, all of which are indispensable for mobile terminals, and developing new business models.

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Development of appealing shops and the promotion of various contact points with customers

Not only our corporate head office but also our regional headquarters and branch offices across Japan implement local area marketing that best fits the local conditions of each area, while ensuring consistency with telecommunications carriers’ regional strategies. Our shop concepts are largely divided into two types — suburban and city center types. We will utilize our ability to produce and coordinate carrier shops gained from abundant experience to handle every step from the proposal of plans to implementation in response to the environment in each area. In addition, we aim to become an attractive shop chosen by our customers as we expand our carrier shops through changes in location, renovations, and expansion. What is more, we are promoting the diversification of contact points with customers by visiting places and facilities convenient for customers.

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Our proposals for diverse products and services with added value provide total support to customers’ Smart Life

Recently, the shifts not only from feature phones to smartphones but also from PCs to tablets have been taking place. The total numbers of tablets shipped was 8.63 million in 2017. The market is expected to expand further with the release of Windows tablets in 2018. (Source: MM Research Institute, Ltd.) Under these circumstances, we are focusing actively on the sales of tablet PCs while providing customers with real experiences using the devices by giving specific explanations on the functions of tablet PCs and proposing various ways to meet customer needs and use scenarios, such as the combined use of a feature phone or smartphone with a tablet PC. Furthermore, we provide total support to customers with the aim of realizing a smart life by proposing products and services not limited to the sales of mobile terminals but also the sales of related products and services with added value to meet the needs of customers.

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