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Payment Service Business and Other Business

Smart Life Business[Settlement Service/Accessories

As a service provider, T-Gaia seeks for further expansion of the settlement market.

T-Gaia's payment service business has been growing, with the prepaid settlement-related business at its center. It foresees a further expansion of market share as a content provider, with the Card Mall Business of gift cards at the core and the services from QUO CARD Co., Ltd., which T-Gaia acquired complete ownership of. In addition, the number of business bases overseas is growing as T-Gaia does not limit its business fields only to Japan.

Payment Service Business

The prepaid business rapidly expands with the Card Mall Business at its core.

T-Gaia's prepaid settlement-related business has initiated with the sale of prepaid mobile phones. Its Card Mall Business has been established mainly by the sale of prepaid cards and codes (PIN) as well as plastic gift cards through its sales channels of convenience stores nationwide. This business continues to expand in the ever-evolving settlement-related market. The Card Mall Business, which is now growing in popularity in Japan, is at the core of T-Gaia's prepaid settlement-related business. The steady growth in the number of sales channels and the variety of gift cards in T-Gaia's product range are achieved by the fine-tuned services, from the design of point-of-sale displays and the delivery of gift cards, to promotions and operation of the call center, all cultivated through the sales of mobile phones and PINs. T-Gaia is creating new values not only in the prepaid type gift card market, but also in settlement-related markets.

Gift Card

for example

It is an identification number to which the information regarding the amount value is attached by using a string of letters comprising a combination of alphanumeric characters. It is a generic name, for prepaid online money used in payment for online shopping, online games, music distribution services, and the charges for international phone calls and calls via prepaid mobile phone.

Business Model of Gift Card Sales

The Major Stores Handling T-Gaia's PINs and Gift Cards

Convenience stores including Seven-Eleven, LAWSON, FamilyMart, MINISTOP, Daily YAMAZAKI, Seicomart, NEWDAYS, and some of T-Gaia's directly managed shops, etc.

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Creating an extensive network with convenience store chains.

Major convenience stores all over Japan are familiar places for many customers, and at the same time, serve as a major and important sales channel for T-Gaia's prepaid settlement-related business. Therefore, T-Gaia will continue to strengthen the relationships with each convenience store chain, enhance its services and improve its convenience.

Number of stores handling PINs and gift cards
(As of April 2020)

58,800 stores

Business Development in Overseas

In November 2013, T-GAIA Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. an overseas subsidiary in Singapore was established. It sells gift cards throughout Singapore.

Other Business Developments in Southeast Asia

Enhance its presence as a card issuer rather than a prepaid card distributor.

QUO Card

In December 2017, T-Gaia acquired 100% ownership of QUO CARD Co., Ltd. With QUO CARD Co., T-Gaia will further enhance its presence in the market of prepaid cards for gift-giving as an issuer of QUO Card, which is acknowledged by the majority of people in Japan and can be securely used regardless of place and time in member stores all over Japan. Such stores includ convenience store chains, book stores, drug store chains, and some restaurant chains. Additionally, the company announced the launch of QUO Card Pay service in March 2019. While keeping the convenience of QUO Card and at the same time making a clear distinction from other cashless settlement systems, the company will strive to promote this leading-edge service of digital gift giving and receiving via smartphone.

Quo card Smile
Quo Card Pay

Annually issued amount of QUO Card
(FY 2019)

50million cards

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New Business

e-Sports business

T-Gaia started an e-Sports business in November 2019 by forming a capital tie-up with BlueStack Systems, Inc., which operates, a platform for mobile e-Sports competitions. Through this partnership, was made available in Japan. The goal is to broaden the market base for Japanese e-Sports, and to contribute to further market expansion.

e-Sports business

ICT education business for children ~ICT school NEL Tokyo~

ICT education business for children ~ICT school NEL Tokyo~

T-Gaia started an ICT education business for kindergartens, pre-school, and care centers in 2019. In addition to operating ICT classes and dispatching lecturers, it has also branched out to hold events with non-education industries.
In recent years, the younger age of using smartphones, the more education of information ethics is required. In addition, it was announced that programming education in elementary school would be required in 2020. Under the social circumstances, T-Gaia, as a leading company in mobile phone sales industry, believes that it is necessary for children to develop not only information ethics education but also "ability to use ICT and information".

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Renewable energy business

TG Power Inc.,
solar panel

In FY 2018, TG Power Inc., T-Gaia's consolidated subsidiary company, started a renewable energy business, utilizing spaces on rooftops of mainly mobile phone shops nationwide.

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