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Business Summary : Smart Life Business

スマートライフ事業(Smart Life Business[Settlement Service/Accessories)

Settlement Services

Supporting a “Smart Life” through settlement services
in Japan and overseas

The number of stores handling PINs and gift cards
<as of March 31, 2018>

As to settlement service business, we will pursue further growth focusing mainly on prepaid settlement-related businesses. By making the most of the expertise of the settlement service accumulated in Japan, we will continue taking on a challenge in new businesses including overseas business development in an effort to create new corporate values.

Rapidly expanding prepaid settlement-related business

Our prepaid settlement-related business, which started with the sale of prepaid mobile phones, has been steadily expanding mainly by developing our Card Mall Business through our sales channel of convenience stores nationwide using the sales of prepaid cards and prepaid codes (Personal Identification Numbers), as well as plastic gift cards. We aim to expand our prepaid settlementrelated business further by responding to the ever-evolving settlement-related market.


It is an identification number to which the amount information is attached by using a string of letters comprising a combination of alphanumeric characters. Also, it is a generic name for prepaid online money used in payment for online shopping, online game, music distribution services, and the charges for international phone calls and calls via prepaid mobile phone.


Sample of prepaid card (back side /after being scratched off)


*Web Money and their logo are registered trademarks of WebMoney Corporation.

Gift Card Mall Business

As the core of our settlement services, we are developing the Card Mall Business by leveraging gift cards whose market has been steadily expanding in Japan, and we are diversifying our sales channels and gift card issuers. By leveraging our expertise that has been nurtured through the sales of mobile phones and PINs, we offer fine-tuned services, from the design of point-of-sale displays and the delivery of gift cards to promotions and call center operations. Through the growth of this business, we aim to develop the prepaid gift card market and create the market for casual form of gift in Japan.

Gift Card Sales Model


Convenience stores handling PINs and
gift cards products

Seven-Eleven, LAWSON, FamilyMart, MINISTOP, Daily that contribute to society. YAMAZAKI, Seicomart, SAVE ON, NEWDAYS, COMMUNITY STORE, SAPPORO DRUG STORE, Daiei, WonderGOO, MR MAX, Odakyu Shoji Co., Ltd. (and others including some of our directly managed shops)

amazonギフトカード BitCash

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  • *BitCash and their logo are registered trademarks of BitCash, Inc.

Extensive network with convenience stores

Our settlement service is being offered in major convenience stores, which are part of a vast sales channel network covering almost all convenience stores in Japan. We will strive to further enhance the settlement services and improve customer convenience concurrently with the development of convenience stores, thus providing services that contribute to society.

Synergy creation by acquiring the ownership of QUO CARD Co., Ltd.

In December 2017, we acquired 100% ownership of QUO CARD Co., Ltd. The company was established as Japan Card Center Co., Ltd., in 1987, QUO Card began the provision of prepaid card system (issuer) as a main business, and in 1995, it started issuing QUO card that can be mutually used in participating stores. There are about 57,000 participating stores, including convenience stores, bookstores, and drugstores. Nearly 45 million cards are newly issued annually. The accumulated amount issued is approximately 1.25 trillion yen and the total number of cards issued is approximately 800 million cards (as of the end of March 2018). There is a plan to launch in-store digital payment services (payment using a smartphone, etc.), namely Digital QUO Card, in the future. By further expanding usage scenes and improving convenience through digitalization, we aim to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs for gift giving. QUO Card will continue to be a communication tool that connects people. We strive to accumulate trust from customers, which is the basis of the business.

クオカード社エントランス QUOスマイルカードと30周年QUOカード

Settlement Service Business


In November 2013, we established T-GAIA Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd., an overseas subsidiary in Singapore. We have started sales of gift cards across Singapore. Because Singapore has the highest per capita national income in Asia, we are seeing a steady growth in sales.



Making individual smart life much more enjoyable

The market scale of peripheral devices and accessories such as smartphone and tablet-related devices is expected to expand from ¥130 billion in the fiscal year ended March 2013 to ¥335.6 billion in the fiscal year ending March 2017, and is expected to expand to ¥368 billion in fiscal 2020. (estimate by Seed Planning, Inc.)
We commenced the operation of smartphone accessory shops in November 2012 to meet the needs of the accessory market that has been expanding year by year.

2.454million people
The total number of customers visited to our directly managed accessory shops, Smart Labo,
<including〈in FY 2017>

Sale of smartphone cases and various other products related to smartphones

Smart Labo店内

The smartphone accessory shops, SmartLabo, provide a wealth of fashionable products for customers’ smart life, including iPhone and Android smartphone cases, screen protection films, batteries, earphones, headphones, speakers, Bluetooth gadgets, and other items. We are also working to expand the range of SmartLabo’s original smartphone cases.
We operate a total of 18 real shops nationwide (as of the end of March 2018) with our brand name of Smart Labo and our higher end shop to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

T-Gaia runs a collaboration shop with Rakuten Mobile

楽天モバイルとSmart Laboのコラボショップ看板

By taking advantage of T-Gaia’s strengths to deal with both mobile terminals and smartphone accessories, we operate four collaboration shops (as of the end of April 2018), Smart Labo, jointly with Rakuten Mobile. A collaborative shop blends well with fashion tenant buildings and fashion floors among other accessory shops, making it easier for customers to stop by anytime. We will continue to open similar collaboration shops in the future.

Smart Labo Private Brand


Smart Laboプライベートブランド「Étincese(エタンセス)」

The theme of Étincese is travel. The products all have unique designs that look great on social media and high functionality. We have a wide range of items from iPhone cases, versatile cases that fit all models to wash bag.

Bellezza Calma

Smart Laboプライベートブランド「Bellezza Calma(ベレッツァカルマ)」

Bellezza Calma is created by combining Italian words and means “calm aesthetics” and “tranquil beauty.” As the term suggests, the design of smartphone cases pursues simplicity without waste to target wide range of users of all ages and genders.

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