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Compliance : Compliance System

Compliance is one of the top priorities in our business. To ensure compliance, “the Compliance Committee” , which comprises the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) as its committee chairperson and Managing Officers as the core committee members, is established for the purpose of reviewing compliance-related issues and taking appropriate improvement actions to address them separately from the regular reporting line of authority. In addition, we have established the Compliance Promotion Department, which directly reports to the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as a permanent organization designed to promote compliance throughout the Company. The Compliance Promotion Department upgrades and enhances the Company's compliance system on an ongoing basis and conducts in-house compliance awareness activities, among other things, to ensure that awareness of our compliance obligations are maintained and enhanced among all officers and employees. We have effectively communicated the Company's guiding principles for compliance to all officers and employees by establishing “the Compliance Rules” and distributing “the Compliance Manual” to them and educating them based on it. Additionally, in order to ensure early understanding of compliance issues and information on compliance risk, we have established multiple reporting and consultation channels for concerns or problems relating to compliance, which involve outside organizations and lawyers as the case may be, so as to provide consultation and counseling services for all employees.

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