Investor Relations


Prior to making use of this IR information, we would like you to carefully read and ensure that you understand the following.

  • This data is for use through access with a personal computer. Please note that data conversion may result in discrepancies in the data presented here and the original copies.
  • The some parts of the information on this website such as plans, strategies and views of future developments that are not reiterations of historical or currently known facts, contains potential risks and uncertainties, and does not offer any assurance or guarantee as to the content therein. Therefore, please be aware that certain risk factors could lead to outcomes that differ significantly from those presented in the forward looking statements such as economic trends, industry competition, market supply and demand, fluctuations in exchange rates and other economic, social and political circumstances. This website has not been prepared for the purpose of solicitation of investment in the Company. Investors are requested to make investment decisions at their own discretion and judgment.
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