Investor Relations

Disclosure Policy

1. Standard for Disclosure

T-Gaia Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall disclose information complying with Financial Instrument and Exchange Act and other applicable laws and regulation as well as the "Rule on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Security" (hereinafter referred to as the "Timely Disclosure Rule"). The Company shall proactively disclose information as fair as possible that is deemed to be important or valuable to stakeholders and investors, even when it is not subject to the legal disclosure nor Timely Disclosure Rule. Except for information regarded as inadequate for disclosure such as information that may infringe on personal privacy.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

Information subject to the legal disclosure and Timely Disclosure Rules is promptly disclosed via EDINET, the system provided by the Financial Services Agency, or Timely Disclosure Network ("TDnet")provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange ("TSE") after it has been discussed at the Information Disclosure Committee formed by the specialists to examine its disclosure method, time and contents. As for information that is not subject to the legal disclosed rule nor the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will fairly and broadly disclose information via various forms of medias and though the Company’s website.

3. Silence Period

To ensure fairness and prevent any information leaks related to earning results prior to the official announcement, the Company observes a designated period ("Silence Period"), which commences from the day after the closing date of quarterly results until the financial result announcement. During the Silence Period, the Company will not comment on the status of the earnings and forecasts. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that expected operating results for the quarter will exceed or fall short of the original forecasts, the Company will disclose the revised forecasts immediately in accordance with the rules and regulations by TSE.

4. Reference to Stock Price and Investment Decisions made by Third Parties

The Company does not comment on any of the current or future stock price and also does not comment on any of investment decisions made by third parties based on analyst reports or other reports.

5. Dialogue with Shareholders

1.) System for IR Activities and Dialogue with Shareholders
The Company has established dedicated IR department to work side-by-side with financial department, legal department, and sales departments to form a system enable to promote constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors to stimulate better communication and information disclosure, with the purpose to achieve further sustainable growth as a company and to bring enhancement to its corporate value in the medium- and long-term. Depending on the purpose and the importance of the interviews, IR department will discuss with management team about the methods of communication with shareholders and investors and other related matters appropriately.

2.) Efforts with Respect to Enhancement of IR Activities
For analysts and institutional investors, the Company will hold financial results presentation and briefing twice a year and conduct individual interviews either in person or by telephone quarterly. The Company will actively communicate to individual investors via briefing and general meeting of shareholders. Information that are believed to be valuable to many shareholders and investors will be made available and disclosed on the Company’s website appropriately.

3.) Feedbacks to Management Team
The opinions and issues identified during the interviews and dialogue with the shareholders and investors will be fed back to the management team and will be utilized for future management planning and strategies.

4.) Dealing with Insider Information
The Company will keep in mind to manage the insider information when communicating with shareholders and investors.

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