Investor Relations

Stock Information : Dividend Policy

We have been targeting the Dividend Payout Ratio over 30% level based on our Dividend Policy to return to our shareholders in consideration of our financial performance while securing the internal reserve necessary for our future business development as well as strengthening of the management base.

The dividend projection for the fiscal year to March 2018 calls for a per-share dividend of ¥55.00 (comprised of an interim dividend and a term-end dividend of ¥27.50 each) reflecting a dividend increase of ¥3.00 per share, comprehensively taking into account the Company's results projections for the subject period and dividend basic policies.

12/3 13/3 14/3 15/3 16/3 17/7 18/3
Dividend per Share (Yen)
32.50 35.00 35.00 37.50 43.00 52.00 55.00
Dividend Payout Ratio(%) 35.0 42.3 40.3 33.3 31.3 30.1 30.2
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