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Corporate Governance

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

We basically regard corporate governance as the framework for ruling corporate activities, and think that it is important to protect and equally ensure rights as well as interests of our shareholders. Moreover, we need to respect rights and interests not only of our shareholders but also of all stakeholders such as our customers, business partners, employees and local society to develop corporative relations with them. Specifically, we are promoting daily operations in order to construct the framework and produce a material result from the both viewpoint of “ensuring management transparency” and “preserving/increasing corporate value”. To ensure management transparency, we have a policy to define roles of the board of directors/auditors and their decision-making process, and also to ensure “timely fair disclosure” with regards to important facts that may affect corporate management.
To preserve/increase corporate value, we have adopted the internal administration system combing work responsibility system regarding the headquarters, regional headquarters, departments and branch offices as unit of execution of operation as well as prospect of profit with internal auditing system. Especially, we have taken necessary action for compliance discussing compliance matters including risk management such as customer information control in “Compliance Committee” chaired by Chief Compliance Officer in addition to Compliance Promotion Department. With the enforcement of Whistle Blower Protection Act, we have established the whistle-blowing system utilizing external layers as well as a private specialty company.
On the other hand, we have adopted “Company with corporate auditors” system, in which our corporate auditors specialized in corporate management, finance, accounting, legal work, etc. strictly conduct an audit in corporation with Internal Audit Department and our auditing firm, in order to ensure that appropriateness of business operations is achieved. Furthermore, both Nominating Committee and Compensation Committee have been set up as the advisory panel to our board of directors to increase management transparency.

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance Report can be downloaded in PDF form.

Corporate Governance Report(PDF:678KB)
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