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As the quality of products and services handled in the communications industry rises, at the same time, we see more penetration of sub-brands of telecommunications carriers, MVNO, and FVNO. The innovation of technology, such as IoT and AI, has also been accelerating, and our business environment will continue to change drastically in the future. The T-GAIA Group considers these changes to be business opportunities, and we will actively promote the improvement of productivity company-wide and establish a new revenue base.

To improve productivity company-wide, in human resources, we have promoted Workstyle Reforms through the use of our own unique variable work time system called Meri Hari Shift, and we also aim to improve ES (Employee Satisfaction). By promoting the change in the employment status of temporary staff to regular employees, and the strengthening and expansion of the hiring of new graduates, we are working to secure and nurture first-rate human resources. We will also promote the improvement of internal infrastructures such as our IT environment and higher-level logistics, and aim to also be No. 1 for productivity in our industry.

To establish a new revenue base, in the Mobile Telecommunication Business, in addition to reinforcing our carrier shops, we will actively open new shops for telecom carrier's sub-brands and MVNO shops. In the Smart Life Business, we will develop new products for our directly managed accessory shop Smart Labo, while also creating a shop solution business based on our know-how regarding shop operation.

In our Settlement Service Business, we will strengthen and reinforce our products and sales channels for e-money with a focus on PIN and gift cards in Japan, and attempt to expand this business in Southeast Asia.

In the Enterprise Solution Business, we will promote upgrades to the help desk functions, work to create solution business that is specific to industries where the use of ICT is promising, and actively work towards capital and business partnerships with other companies. In our Network Marketing Business, through the direct sales and sub-wholesaling of TG Hikari, we aim to establish a stock-type business.

We will continue to build close and solid relationships with all our stakeholders including our customers, telecommunications carriers, partner companies, and shareholders, and continue to take on new challenges in business that is ahead of the times to ensure sustainable growth. We ask for your continued support and guidance.

Nobutaka Kanaji
President & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

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