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T-Gaia was born from three former zaibatsu (financialconglomerate) trading companies and mobile phone distributors for three manufacturing companies.It celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018, and this will mark a new step toward further growth in the next decade.

Looking back over the last decade, the spread of smartphones has brought people connectivity anytime, anywhere. Activities such as communication, gathering information, and buying and selling have changed dramatically, and in response to this, new forms of business have emerged that no one could have imagined in the past. While major IT companies are competing more and more fiercely to win the most customers, at the same time, partnerships that transcend industry boundaries have also begun to appear.
As for the mobile phone distribution industry in Japan̶ the core line of T-Gaia's business̶ new telecommunication carriers are entering the market, and a revised Telecommunications Business Act will be enforced in October 2019. These factors are creating big waves that are rocking the industry.

Against this background, as a leading player in the mobile phone distribution industry, first we will address this new sales environment with T-Gaia's partner tagencies, and ride over these waves together. Change means opportunity. We will make this year the year we show T-Gaia's real strengths.
At the same time, we will push ahead with its transition to becoming a comprehensive provider for the ICT-related domain, which we set as a goal in FY 2017. The strengths in T-Gaia's assets include the nationwide bases for business & sales operations, diverse business models, and a broad range of business relationships. By taking advantage of these to the full, T-Gaia will actively invest in its own digital services. We will also take on new business challenges, while aiming for cooperation with other lines of business within the group.

The ICT industry looks set to transform radically over the next 10 years, starting with the launch of 5G, and the penetration of AI and IoT. T-Gaia will strive to remain a company no one can do without, even 10 years on. We look forward to your continued support.

Nobutaka Kanaji
President & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

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