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Stock Information : Analyst Coverage

The list below shows the brokerage firms and research firms whose analysts issue reports about the financial results of the Company with recommendations and commentary concerning the shares of the Company.

Covering analysts

Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.Yoshio Ando
Ichiyoshi Research Institute, Inc.Kaname Fujita
Macquarie Capital Securities (Japan) LimitedNathan Ramler
Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.Tetsuro Tsusaka
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.Daisaku Masuno
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.Satoru Kikuchi

(Arranged in alphabetical order; titles omitted)(As of April 1,2017)

Other coverage of the Company

Shared Research Inc.Hironobu SawakeDecember 12, 2016(700KB)

(Arranged in alphabetical order; titles omitted)

This list has been compiled to provide investors with information on the analysts and their affiliated institutions who prepare analyses and forecasts, etc., of the business results, etc., of the Company. This information is not intended to solicit for or recommend trading in the shares of the Company. The Company provides no support or backing for the analysts stated in this list.

The Company neither backs nor warrants for the forecasts, opinions, and recommendations, etc., of the analysts stated in this list.

This list has been prepared based on the information available to the Company on the date of publication. Consequently, analysts may exist who are not stated in this list, all information may not be current, and information may be inconsistent between analysts. Analysts rely on their independent judgment for their analysis of financials, performance, operations, technology, operating environment, macro-economic trends, etc., and forecasts of the financial results of the Company.
None of these processes is subject to any kind of interference from the Company and its management board.

Investors are requested to note that investment decisions must be made at investors' own judgment and responsibility.

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