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Corporate Philosophy

TG Vision - The T-Gaia Corporate Personality -
Creating a brighter future, reaching for tomorrow
TG Mission - The Mission of T-Gaia -
  • We pledge to care for our employees and their families to ensure that everyone finds joy in work.

  • We pledge to establish strong relationships of trust with our business partners, communities, and shareholders to strive for sustainable development together.

  • As an industry leader, we pledge to stay ahead of changes and continuously take on new business opportunities.
TG Action - Our Action Guidelines -
  • We pursue services that go above and beyond customers’ appreciation.

  • We take on new challenges proactively through our passion and with a sense of speed.

  • We value communications to build a culture of openness and trust in the workplace.

  • We respect our employees' diversity to foster the best teamwork.

  • We strive for constant self-improvement as a team of professionals.

  • We always act on high ethical standards and strengthen our compliance structure.

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