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Business Summary : Network Marketing Business

ネットワーク事業(Network Marketing Business)

Contributing to creating a network environment for the future as a telecommunications carrier

As we face the full-scale arrival of the age of IoT, the importance of communications networks in the business world is growing, and we expect there to be a need for high-level telecommunications consultancy. T-Gaia will continue to provide our customers with leading telecommunications services as a team of professionals in network services.

T-Gaia providing service as a telecommunications carrier TG Hikari


TG Hikari is a service provided by T-Gaia in response to the fiber-optic access service wholesale business started by NTT in 2015. As a telecommunications carrier, we provide our own unique optical access services to corporate clients. We propose convenient environments for corporate infrastructures by providing high-quality broadband lines and a wide range of optional services that includes fiber-optic telephone services, Wi-Fi services, and security measures, and we help customers realize improved operation efficiency.
We also provide a TG Hikari Support Package to support companies in the start-up, sales, and operation of their fiber-optic access service businesses, and actively support companies enter this business. The number of companies that have adopted our program has exceeded 250 companies. (*We hold a dominant No. 1 position in terms of the number of wholesale transaction companies.) Partner companies that have adopted our program, mainly small-to-medium-sized companies and SOHO, have expanded TG Hikari’s rebranded lines throughout Japan.


Optical Access Service (Fixed line)

Optical telephone (Mass market-type, Office-type)

Internet Connection ServiceOur own internet provider service with a fully equipped backbone.

Wi-Fi ServiceWe will leave you all ready to go with our full support service from adoption to actual use.

Cloud camera servicesThe unit safely stores high quality images up to 360 days.

Cloud Data BackupAutomatic backup for your important data as a measure against ransomware.

Business softwareYou can download all the software you need from a collection of over 100 software programs.

Office Computer SupportCall us for support on anything from computer settings to operation procedures

24-Hour Onsite Repair SupportIf you experience network problems, we provide secure response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Power supply serviceMax. 13% reduction in your monthly electricity bill!

We plan to continue to launch new products and services in addition to those introduced here.

Partner Business

We have established sales channels nationwide, and along with our partner companies, we provide a wide range of social infrastructure services to small-tomedium- sized companies, SOHO, and individuals. We have an ample lineup ranging from telecommunications networks, such as broadband and Wi-Fi services, to video services and energy services. By utilizing our know-how in consulting that we have accumulated over many years, we will contribute to improving the environment of social infrastructure for the future.

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