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Business Summary : Enterprise Solutions Business

Enterprise Solutions Business

Providing solutions and support on adaptation of ICT to companies by a one-stop service platform centering on services for smartphones.

Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets have become extremely important assets that contain information for companies. Though they are useful, companies often face difficulties on managing these devices. T-Gaia has built a platform for efficient device operation and management to provide solutions that meet the needs of each customer.

Number of corporate clients
(FY 2019)

8,500 companies

movino star subscription status
(As of end of March 2020)

1,800 companies

Business Model of Enterprise Solutions Business

Business Model of Enterprise Solutions Business

Aiming to become an industry leader in the market of Life-Cycle Management (LCM) for mobile devices.

With the rapid popularization of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets and adoption of companies' ICT, proper operation and management of these devices have become a major challenge for companies. T-Gaia provides one-stop solutions using LCM (Life-Cycle Management) that meets customers' needs and company environments. T-Gaia provides comprehensive support which includes the enhancement of operational efficiency by unifying management, from proposing optimal operation plans, to procurement / adoption of devices, and also from operation and management to replacement of terminals. T-Gaia supports the promotion of ICT adoption by customers in response to the full-scale arrival of IoT, etc.

Mobile LCM[Life Cycle Management]

Mobile LCM[Life Cycle Management]

Sourcing / Proposal

  • Smart device / terminal rental service
  • SIM equipped PC procurement / proposal
  • Telework-related services and a wide variety of solutions
  • File transfer / sharing between corporate clients

T-Gaia will offer not only smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and mobile PCs, but also various tools (Applications / Cloud services, etc.) to use on the terminals. It can also provide a rental service with an exclusive help desk and replacement service if the device fails, as one package.

Supporting Adoption

  • Kitting, ID setting, Security setting, Installing applications
  • Creating manuals
  • Holding a briefing for adoption

In order to enable a smooth start-up, T-Gaia will setup delivered terminals and install applications in advance on behalf of each client, in accordance to the devices operation policies.

Building an Environment

  • Building Wi-Fi environment

Building an optimum Wi-Fi environment is also on offer.

Subsidiary : V-Growth Co., Ltd.

ICT Support Service for Education Business

V-Growth Co., Ltd.


  • Management service for communication lines/devices, and Centralized the procedure of paymentputting payment
  • Fee analysis / cost reduction
  • Remote monitoring of network equipment

T-Gaia's original service, movino star, helps its corporate clients to comprehensively manage employees / terminal information and payments to telecommunication carriers. Furthermore, T-Gaia's helpdesk provides guidance for terminal operation, and manages operation work on behalf of each client.

the original service of T-Gaia movino star

the original service of T-Gaia movino star


  • Help desk: operation guidance, responding to failures and theft / loss

T-Gaia's helpdesk handles repairs relating to failures. It also provides remote terminal locking services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for clients who have had their device stolen or lost.

T-Gaia's original service T-GAIA Smart SUPPORT

T-Gaia's original service T-GAIA Smart SUPPORT

Subsidiary : PC Technology, Inc.

Call Center /Help Desk Service

Subsidiary    PC Technology, Inc.


  • Proposal for new terminals
  • Transfer / deletion of data
  • Purchasing of used terminals
  • Recycling of terminals

T-Gaia responds flexibly from proposing new terminals to recycling.

T-Gaia's original service T-GAIA Smart SUPPORT

T-Gaia's original service T-GAIA Smart SUPPORT

Ability of Technology Development

  • Software system development

Subsidiary : Popular-Soft Co.,Ltd.

Development of Software System

Popular-Soft Co.,Ltd.

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Other Subsidiaries


Ranking in No.1 as File transfer systems and sharing services for 6 consecutive years


Infinity Communication Co., Ltd.

Building Network system, Consulting

Infinity Communication Co., Ltd.

TG Hikari (Optical access service)

Contributing to building companies' network environments as a telecommunications carrier.

In response to the launch of the wholesale business of FLET'S Hikari, a fiber-optic network service by NTT, T-Gaia offers TG Hikari, a fiber-optic network service for corporate clients, as a telecommunications carrier. The high-quality broadband lines and a wide range of other services will allow T-Gaia's clients to build a convenient infrastructure and improve their operation efficiency. T-Gaia also provides active support to companies entering their fiber-optic access service businesses with a special support plan, the TG Hikari Support Package. The number of partner companies has exceeded 280 companies.

TG Hikari

No.1 in the wholesale industry for the number of partner companies*(As of end of March 2020)
*Based on internal investigation

280 companies

Working T-Gaia employees

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