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Business Summary : Enterprise Solution Business

ソリューション事業(Enterprise Solution Business)

Proposing tomorrow’s telecommunication solutions in a creative manner

We, T-Gaia, as the primary agent for telecommunication operators, will contribute to create tomorrow’s telecommunications environment by exerting our three characteristics, which are good partnerships with all major telecom operators, skill of proposals for a variety of products adapted to the market, and excellent sales and marketing operations throughout the country.

Providing terminals and communication lines as well as optimal operation plans and solutions that meet customer needs

T-GAIA Smart Device 利活用のココロエ

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile communication devices have become extremely important information assets for companies. However, such companies often face a major challenge in properly operating these devices because their service contents have been increasingly sophisticated and diversified.
Enterprise Solution Business Division responds to these issues by providing terminals and communication lines as well as tools to resolve issues on management and operation, improving operational efficiency, and implementing security measures, and proposing optimal operation plans and solutions to meet customer needs.

Management and Operation

movino star subscription
<FY 2017>

The comprehensive communication line management service, movino star, is a total platform for management, operation and expense settlement

With the rapid popularization of smartphones, tablets, etc., telecommunications devices have become increasingly more diverse. In response to these circumstances, our movino star cloud service caters to a broad range of needs for the management of various communication devices, management of licenses, such as MDM, and fixed-line telephones used by corporate clients while also reducing costs through efforts to raise operational efficiency. Additionally, by combining it with T-GAIA Smart Support service, movino star helps customers reduce the operational load and reduce costs through improvement of operational efficiency, both effectively and comprehensively.

“T-GAIA Smart SUPPORT” provides full support for the best use of smartphones, tablets, and PCs

By providing T-GAIA Smart Support, our solution package based on the know-how gained from our experiences as a primary distributor for telecommunications carriers, our clients receive one-stop support in all stages from the introduction of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, to operation and management.

Four Solutions provided by T-GAIA Smart SUPPORT

Comprehensive Support to Corporate Clients
Help Desk

We act as IT management staff of our corporate clients and respond to inquiries from employees regarding the use of the devices and arrange for replacements when devices fail.

Security Desk

We provide remote device locking and wiping (data initialization) services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as countermeasures against theft or loss of devices.

Master Management Services

We handle the updating of employee data to the master data management tools for movino star, MDM, and EMM tools for our clients.

Kitting Service

We set up devices in advance on behalf of each client to enable a smooth start-up.

When introducing a device, we provide support with the following:

  • Selection of a device (OS)
  • Selection of a security tool
  • Selection of communication services
  • Establishment of an operation policy

During operations, we provide support with the following:

  • Handling of user inquiries on the device
  • Operation of the device in compliance with the security policy
  • Management and operation of the device
  • Handling of device failures
  • Collection of devices

Security Measures

Providing one-stop Mobility Management & Security Solutions that fit the requirements of each client

Smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are currently transitioning from the adoption stage to the utilization stage where they become even more closely linked to today’s business operations. Because of this, the scope of mobility management that companies demand is steadily expanding. The key point to successful adoption is realizing both high level of security and usability. We use the knowledge gained from various proposal activities towards our clients and the prediction of new trends in solutions to propose suitable security and management solutions.

Improving operational efficiency

Promoting a New Style of Working using Instant Messenger Service for Business

For a long time, a conventional internal communication tool was email, however along with the spread of smart devices in recent years, there is a growing demand for increase in speed and mobility in business communications. The use of business messenger is one solution to this, and it is attracting increasing interests. Each business messenger services have different features depending on the company providing it. We can provide more than just a talking tool to customers but offer services that enables to connect to other systems, and allowing customers to select the functions required depending on the purpose and usage. By using business messengers, you can increase your productivity and realize true Workstyle Reform.

We support the acceleration of business with GigaCC offered by WAM!NET Japan K.K.

WAM!NET Japan K.K. is a consolidated subsidiary of T-GAIA that provides cloud-based services for the transmission of large volume data and sharing of information for corporate clients. Their core service, GigaCC, is one of the industry’s top-class online storage services that promote communication within a company while also ensuring security and it has been adopted by many of our corporate clients.

Promoting a new enterprise business solution intended for specific industries

Service to Build a Wi-Fi Network, Targeted at Healthcare and Nursing Care Industry

The nursing industry began to implement IoT solutions on a full scale, and various types of monitoring sensors for the elderly have been introduced to the market. T-Gaia will engage in the stages of design and installation of ICT networks to construct communication infrastructures for enterprises, offer the most suitable network systems for customers, from Wi-Fi, BLE to LPWA. In addition, we continue to proactively develop new services by employing our unique LPWA and AI technologies to provide one-stop solutions from building tailored communication infrastructures to supplying required mobile devices on offer.

A business partnership with PC Technology, Inc., a call center operator

In 2017, we formed a capital and business partnership with PC Technology, Inc., a company that mainly operates call centers for ICT devices. The company is expanding its Life Cycle Management (LCM) services that provide a one-stop solution for everything from the purchasing and management of ICT devices, maintenance, and help desk operations to repairs and device exchange. Additionally, they have recently started operating call center services for schools, supplying ICT support staff to schools, and providing ICT support to the education industry. In the future, through continuous cooperation with PC Technology, we will work to improve the services of TG Smart Support to respond to LCM services for ICT devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, and strengthen our sales capabilities for the education industry.


Collaboration with V-Growth, a company offering tablet solution business for the education industry

T-Gaia invests in SRJ Co., Ltd., a developer and distributor of digital education contents to diffuse the use of tablets in education to enrich classroom learning. In addition, as a joint venture with SRJ, we operate V-Growth Co., Ltd. to design, develop, implement, and support the operations of infrastructure necessary for ICT in the classroom, such as the infrastructure layer and application layer. V-Growth has expertise in the introduction of tablets and applications with a customers’ perspective at schools, as well as the construction, maintenance, and operational support of Wi-Fi networks. In the future, we will promote and further expand the services in the ICT education sector while jointly introducing ICT systems in the healthcare industry, nursing care industry, and other industries with room for expanded use of ICT.

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